Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

Eligibility under the scheme

Scheme Segment Annual Household Income Loan Amount qualified for subsidy Rate of subsidy Carpet Area of Dwelling Unit Max Tenure (Restricted to actual loan tenure) Discounting Rate
CLSS for EWS/LIG EWS Upto ₹ 3.00 Lakhs 6.00 Lakhs 6.50% 30 sq. Mts 20 yrs 9.00%
CLSS for EWS/LIG LIG ₹ 3.01 Lakhs to 6.00 Lakhs 6.00 Lakhs 6.50% 60 sq. Mts 20 yrs 9.00%
CLSS for EWS/MIG MIG - I ₹ 6.01 Lakhs to 12.00 Lakhs 9.00 Lakhs 4.00% 90 sq. Mts 20 yrs 9.00%
CLSS for EWS/MIG MIG - II ₹ 12.01 Lakhs to 18.00 Lakhs 12.00 Lakhs 3.00% 110 sq. Mts 20 yrs 9.00%

Additional Requirements

  • This scheme is a credit linked subsidy scheme which will be provided to customers taking Home Loans under Economically Weaker Section (EWS)/Lower Income Group (LIG)/Middle Income Group (MIG) category for purchase of property and construction of house.
  • A beneficiary family will comprise of a husband, wife and unmarried children. The beneficiary family should not own a pukka house (an all-weather dwelling unit) either in his/her name, or in the name of any member of his/her family in any part of India.
  • Wife must join as a co-applicant. There should be a lady co-applicant in all cases.